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Dinner by the sea

Summer has come, but we’re always ready to make you dream with our set-ups. As in this one, for a dinner “pied dans l’eau”, where our crew went to place the stretch tent pegs directly in the water. Nothing is impossible for them !

From chalet to stable

We don’t lie when we say we make ultra personalized settings! A chalet in the mountains became for one night  a stable full of cows. Under the large structure mounted externally, buffets and a bar corner were prepared on wooden boards resting on hay bales. We had custom made cow heads and skins to be used as decoration, and researched old tools, milk cans and giant cowbells. All the effort made was rewarded by the ecstatic glances of the guests who did not believe their eyes! And you, what do you think about it?

Summer Party

A young birthday celebrated in an important location but maintaining the right light-heartedness.  After the seated dinner inside, here’s the colorful lounge area by the pool – where at sunset there’ll be a thousand small lights to illuminate the zone – to catch your breath, while sipping a drink after wild dancing.

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