The company, located just minutes away from the centre of Turin, manufactures fittings, decorations and rents furnishings for receptions, parties, dinners and for public, private and corporate functions. Centro Noleggio provide every assistance required in all aspects of event design and creation. Thanks to an internal manufacturing department, the company provides custom made decorative details and coverage created with the care and attention representative of the most prestigious tailoring.

Philosophy and values

The company philosophy has always privileged quality and excellence in customer service and product customization. It has always meant to understand and interpret its clients ‘ tastes, turning them into a magnificent event and offering a unique product based on the most specific needs. The excellence is guaranteed by the perfect balance between tradition and innovative solutions.



Designers and craftsmen take care of the Client’s demands and deliver a turnkey product.

The Design

It starts from an analysis of the needs in order to develop settings of undoubted impact. A team of professionals studies all the phases of the event: from the first inspection for the metric survey, in order to detect the more suitable spaces for the installation of the roofing, to the actual design made with the best 2D / 3D rendering programs.

The Tailoring

The company internal tailoring department manufactures customised roofing and ornamental details. Qualified workers are passionately committed to the cutting and realization of fabrics, suspended ceilings, valances and tablecloths and to the sewing process for the realization of the ornaments. Thanks to the use of high quality materials and to the great experience in this field, Centro Noleggio can ensure the realization of valuable products and the maximum customization as far as sizes and finishing are concerned.

The Storage

A 700 square meters area allows the storage of ready for use materials. It also allows quick operations of handling, preparation and storage of all materials.

Transport and construction

The installers’ staff work meticulously and with high expertise either in Italy than abroad. Thanks to its own internal organization and vehicles fleet, Centro Noleggio provides for the assembly and disassembly of equipment, furniture and movable structures and to the transportation of furnishings, supplying a full technical support also during the event.